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oh hello there

I’m Kristy and I’ve been slingin’ wax here in the Hudson Valley since 2013.

I have always felt eyebrows deserved more attention. They should be more than just a quick add-on service at your nail appointment.

So, after a short stint working in a spa, I landed a job at a Benefit Brow Bar. Throughout my 7 year relationship with them I’ve waxed more than a few brows, trained more than a few newbies, attended a couple of PR events and in 2019 I was flown to San Fransisco to spend a week with the best of the best from all over the globe. It’s been a one of a kind experience that I wouldn’t have gotten working for anyone else.


and that's what I want to provide to you

A one of a kind brow service that you can't get from anyone else. I’ve taken what I’ve learned and put my own spin on it. I take who you are into consideration to give you the best brows for your face.


xx your (new) favorite brow girl,


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